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Teen & Youth Classes

Accelerated Piano Lab

Our proven program takes the practice burden out of your weekly routine – and kids love it!

The Accelerated Lab

  • Lasts for one hour each week
  • Has been shown to dramatically improve a student’s sightreading skills…. this is the #1 skill that students need to learn music quickly
  • Helps children move through their personal curriculum faster
  • Allows the student to learn more music each week… this translates into faster completion time
  • Includes proven practice techniques, so home practice is all about review and increasing fluency– less tedium = more fun at home.
  • All the lesson materials we will use are provided
  • Includes some amazingly fun review games
  • Fosters teamwork, not competition
  • Will minimize your need to supervise practice at home – we do it for you
  • For ages 7+, with 6 months of piano experience, or by assessment

teen piano lessons

WayCool Keyboarding®

Teen and Kids Sessions

This is a perfect buddy class! This beginner program is for kids and teens who want to experience the fun of jamming with their friends in a weekly band, complete with cool backing tracks. The social component helps kids become better musicians by listening to their bandmates, and builds relationships as they support each other.

All class materials are provided, and you only need a 61-key keyboard at home. Minimal at home practice is needed to have a great class each week. We open new classes as age groups fill. Sign up for a free session and play songs from the very first day!

teen piano lessons